Bobby Darin

"Here Are the First Photos of Sandra Dee's Son"

This article, written by Laura West, appeared in
the October, 1965 issue of Modern Screen Magazine.

The little boy in the dark trunks is Sandra and Bobby Darin's son, pictured exclusively for Modern Screen readers.

"Anyone who could get hold of a picture of Sandra Dee's son would have some scoop!

And all along, Dodd Darin has been growing up a happy, handsome little boy loved and lavished upon and toted everywhere by his proud parents Sandra and Bobby Darin. They took him to New Jersey to visit Sandra's grandmother; they took him to Washington to visit the President; they took him to New York and gave him ice-skating lessons at Rockefeller Center. Recently, Sandra took him to Europe while she made a movie in Rome -- and there we got our first photos of Dodd Darin.

Now, at long last, MODERN SCREEN has received these photos of Dodd at play, the first pictures ever printed anywhere of Dodd Mitchell Darin.

"There is so much involved in having a family," Sandra has said. "Parents should be prepared to love and cherish their children to the fullest, to give them guidance and help in every way." This, they felt, meant also protecting their child from publicity. They wanted him to grow up in peace -- knowing fully the freedom and joy of childhood.

When you look at these pictures, you can see they've done a very good job. Dodd is a happy, very active little fellow. (He has been called, by many in Hollywood "a beautiful little boy.") And he really enjoyed the company of his friends as he romped by the pool when he was photgraphed at the Hilton Hotel in Rome. He was staying there with Sandra, while she was making A MAN COULD GET KILLED.

Sandra refuses to entrust the care of her little son to a nurse. She hired a special nurse for him before he was born, but never used her. Sandra insisted upon looking after Dodd herself and when he was tiny, she took him with her wherever she went. These trips were always very secretive. She and Bobby traveled under assumed names and if there was a photographer anywhere around, the Darins were very careful to avoid them. Bystanders have caught glimpses of their well-guarded son, who will be four on December 16 -- but not even a snapshot was seen before these. As you can see from our own photos, he looks just like his daddy.

Sandra had one very funny experience in New York. Her husband still teases her about it. "I put on my oldest clothes, no make-up and a scarf around my head," she remembers. "I took the baby for a long walk in his carriage. Back at the Drake Hotel, I heard a man say, 'Look, that baby's the image of Bobby Darin -- I bet it's his child.'" "'No,' said the man's wife." "'Sure it is, I'll ask. Excuse me, Miss, isn't this Bobby Darin's son?'" "'Yes,' I answered." "'See, I was right. And you,' said the man, turning back to me, 'must be the nurse -- right?'" "'Right,' I said."

Sandra was beaming as she finished her little story, a very proud and happy young mother.

Thanks to Laura Rice for this article.

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