Bobby Darin

Bobby's Impressions

Bobby had a very special artistic ability. He was able to master an individual's personna, both facially as well as vocally.  Listed below are just a few impressions. 

  • Voice/Looks

    Bobby Darin: Live in London - Filled with singing, acting and playing, this 1966 concert also featured a selection of cleverly intertwined impersonations called "The Stars' Bar."

    Groucho Audio
    Walter Brennan Audio
    Jack Benny Audio
    Jerry Lewis Audio
    Jimmy Stewart Audio
    Humphrey Bogart Audio
    Cary Grant Audio
    Flip Wilson Audio
    Dean Martin Audio
    W.C. Fields Audio
    Clark Gable Audio
    Robert Mitchum (Picture Only)


    "Good evening to all you lads and ladditudes!"

    "All my love to all you out there!"

    "Lets hear it for us!"


    "Don't you change the dial..."
    The Godmother on love
    The Godmother on childcare
    The Godmother at the movies
    "Makes my pantyhose go boom-ba-boom-boom!"
    "Makes my garter belt go snap-a-snap!"
    "Please stay tuned!"

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