Bobby Darin

Listing of Bobby's Movies

Bobby appeared in 13 films. We have highlighted three of these: a comedy, an Oscar-nominated portrayal and his most riveting interpretation.

  • Come September

    Bobby discussing Come September Audio

    Bobby discussing meeting Sandra on the set Audio

    Bobby talking about writing the movie theme Audio

  • Captain Newman M.D.

    Listen to Bobby's outstanding performance from Captain Newman, M.D.
    He received an Oscar nomination for "Best Supporting Actor." The powerful
    scene, completed in one take, moved Gregory Peck and Angie Dickenson to tears.

    Audio of Bobby's scene (with Gregory Peck)

    Bobby and Sandra arriving at the Oscars

  • Pressure Point

    Bobby thanking Sidney Poitier Audio

    Article Bobby wrote "Why I Played a Film Bigot"

    "I'm gonna play Tic... Tac... Toe !"Audio

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