1974 Interview with Producer Bob Crewe

Bobby Darin & Bob Crewe in 1973

On February 22, 1974, legendary songwriter/producer/recording star, Bob Crewe was interviewed by Jim Stone of WLNZ radio in Lansing, Michigan. Crewe is perhaps best remembered for his extremely successful hits co-written with Bob Gaudio for Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, among many other amazing accomplishments and is still going strong today. But one of Bob's most proudest and happiest moments was working with Bobby Darin at Motown records. Crewe worked with Bobby in the studio shortly before Bobby's death , producing Bobby's single "Happy" as well as undertaking the bittersweet and sombering task of assembling the Motown tribute LP Darin 1936-1973, which was released shortly after this interview was conducted.

In the interview, Crewe shares his thoughts about Bobby, both personally and professionally, and how he put together the album. We have been given permission by Bob Crewe and Crewe and Darin friend Harriet Wasser to share the interview.

Technical Note: Please note this interview comes from the original master tape from 1974 and has a few drop outs,
but the thoughts of Bob Crewe are priceless.

Bob Crewe explains how "Happy" was recorded

Bob Crewe tells how he met Bobby in 1955 and his thoughts about Bobby

Bob Crewe explains how he compiled the Motown LP Darin 1936-73

More about the LP

More about the LP

Bob Crewe shares some final words of respect about his friend Bobby Darin

For more information on Bob Crewe visit:

Bob Crewe at the Songwriters Hall of Fame

Pictures from the "Happy" recording session

Sitting In On a Bobby Darin Recording Session by Harriet Wasser

Special Thanks to Bob Crewe, Jim Stone, WLNZ radio in Lansing, Michigan,
Jimmy Scalia, and Harriet "Hesh" Wasser.

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