"Meet the Baby You Waited Three Years to See"

Dodd Mitchell Darin

This article appeared in the October, 1965 issue
of PHOTOPLAY Magazine.

At last -- pictures of Dodd Mitchell Darin, the baby Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin has kept hidden since his birth on December 16, 1961. The excitement back then, first about Sandra's marriage to Bobby and then over the news of the expected baby, was phenomenal. Everyone waited for the great day. It came, of course, and the baby was fine. Then there were the usual facts given out -- the baby's name, his weight, reports on his health and how pleased his parents were with their new son.

But that was all. There were no intimate stories, except to say that Sandy got up herself for all Dodd's feedings and didn't rely on a nurse. Most surprising was Bobby's strict edict -- there were to be no pictures taken of his son. Bobby gave no reasons and Sandy's explanation was very simple: "Bobby wants it that way." And that's the way it was.

Dodd Darin was more closely guarded from photographers than Caroline and John-John Kennedy! But then Sandy went to Rome to star in Universal's A Man Could Get Killed, and took Dodd with her. The photographers in Rome do not believe there is anyone whose picture can't be taken -- and they were so right.

Now, at last, you can see Sandy's son.

Thanks to Joy Cash for this article.

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