Bobby Darin

Guys and Dolls




      When you see a guy

      Reach for stars in the sky

      You can beat that he’s doin’ it

      For some doll.


      When you spot a John

      Waitin’ out in the rain

      Chances are he’s insane

      As only a John can be for a Jane. 


      When you meet the gent

      Who pays all kinds of rent

      For a flat that would just flatten

      The Taj Mahal …


      Call it sad … call it funny

      But it’s better than even money

      That the guy’s only doin’ it

      For some doll.


      When you see a dame

      Change the shape of her frame

      You can lay odds she’s takin’ it off

      For some guy.


      When you find a doll

      With her diamond in hock

      Bet your life that the rock

      Is goin’ to restock some gentlemen jock.


      When … you see a mouse

      Hurry, scurry out of the house

      And she runs twenty blocks

      For cigars and rye …


      Call it dumb … say it’s clever

      But you can give odds forever

      That the doll’s only doin’ it …

      The guy’s havin’ her do it …


      Everybody’s doin’ it …

      For … some guy …




Lyrics transcribed by Marilyn Brown

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