Bobby Darin

Gyp the Cat



      Where the bayous wind
      And them gators swim
      Sometime late last night
      When the moon was dim
      Someone left this life
      Much against his will
      And while Gyp the Cat was alibi-in'
      You know his clothes were dryin'.


      Down on Bourbon Street
      Where them tourists roam
      Some big financier

      Travelin' far from home
      Lost his fancy watch

      And his wallet, too
      And while to his story Gyp was stickin'
      His brand new watch kept tickin'.


      There's a blown-out safe

      In the city hall
      Standin' open wide
      Up against the wall
      And though Gyp the Cat … huh
      Has got a-lotta dough
      Is the money his or part of plunder …
      Gyp says, “Go and wonder.”


      There's a fishin’ fleet

      Anchored in the bay
      Everybody knows

      Shrimps and oysters pay
      But, when Gyp the Cat
      Was refused his share
      Somehow nets got cut and the take was way off
      ‘til Gyp got his payoff.


      Ahhhhh … the legend goes …


      That they buried him
      Oh … nobody knows
      That he had a twin
      And at the services

      Everybody cried
      'ceptin' one peculiar, smilin' mourner
      Pickin' pockets in the corner
      While they set his brother in the ground …

      Get the feelin’ Gyp is still around … …





Lyrics provided by Sandy Sherman

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