Me and Bobby D: A Memoir by Steve Karmen

(Published 2003; Hal Leonard Publisher; ISBN: 0634048767; 436 pages)

This biography has recently been published and details Steve Karmen's memoirs, which include his friendship with Bobby Darin.

Karmen was recently interviewed on The Jordan Rich Show on WBZ 1030AM in Boston. We have been given permission to share sound files of the interview. (Please keep in mind that the interview has been edited for time and space contraints, and only the parts pertaining to Bobby and Steve Karmens relationship to Bobby are presented here.)

Part One of Interview

Part Two of Interview

Part Three of Interview

Part Four of Interview

If you would like to purchase this book, please check one of the online book merchants such as or Special thanks to Steve Karmen, Jordan Rich, Cath Hodson, Barbara Littlefield and Jimmy Scalia.