Sandy and Bobby Learn Dodd Darin's a Tattle Tale

This article appeared in the February, 1966 issue of Movie Mirror Magazine.

The Darins thought they could keep their private life a secret. Then their son, Dodd, talked ...

The photographs on this page are of Master Dodd Darin, the son of Sandra Dee and her husband, Bobby Darin. He is the little lad with the dark hair. The other little boy is a friend he made while playing around a pool in Italy where his mommy was winding up her scenes in her newest movie, A Man Could Get Killed. Sandra was sitting a little way off, keeping a sharp eye on her active youngster. All of a sudden, she was to tell Bobby later, she realized that Dodd was talking about his daddy and his mommy and, in the completely candid way children have in speaking, Dodd was revealing things Sandy didn't even know he knew.

For example, Dodd told his friend how "Mommy cried when she left daddy." Left Daddy? Sandra was shocked. Why she hadn't left Bobby. What was Dodd saying? After she called her son for lunch, she asked him. "But you did leave Daddy," he said. "And you did cry." "Don't you remember?" It was at the airport." Then, Sandra relaxed. Of course, Dodd was absolutely right. For the first time since their marriage, the Darins were to be separated by six thousand miles. Bobby had to stay in California for business reasons and Sandra had to fly to Rome for her new movie. She took her son with her but almost up to the moment she boarded the airplane she had misgivings about going. Bobby didn't want her to leave. He so wanted to be with her. But they realized that because of the nature of their work each had a responsibility to people other than themselves. Sandra had signed the contract for the film. She couldn't back out now. Bobby had commitments. He could not cancel them. It was a tearful departure and Sandra wasn't ashamed to let those tears flow. Bobby had a difficult time keeping his composure and, friends say, after he saw her off, he looked glum and moody for days.

The Darins kept in constant touch over the transatlantic telephone and after Sandra returned they vowed they would never again get into a position where they would have to be separated by such long distances ... no matter what! And, while Sandra was in Europe, Dodd was always asking for his father. The family has always been very close and the little boy missed his dad. Says Dodd: "I had fun but I always have more fun when daddy plays with me."

Thanks to Joy Cash for this article.

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